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Rules of our service

As a community based website, we have to focus on quality early in our life cycle. We want people to link their social profiles, but we also need to make sure that we maintain a certain level of quality on the site. This is a difficult job, and it will evolve and change as we develop Direct Likes further. It will also involve our personal judgement around what is acceptable. We want to offer these guidelines as to what is acceptable, and what is not. We have some very important rules that all users need to observe.

Our basic rules are:

  • Don't create fake accounts
  • Don't spam others
  • Don't use automation tools, like bots, auto-clickers or external scripts
  • Don't buy or sell accounts
  • Don't churn

Churning / Aggressive Unfollowing:

Please note that aggressively following and unfollowing others is not permitted by us or social networks. When you follow someone you should do this because you want to receive their tweets. Try to follow those with similar interests as this will reduce the likelihood that you find their tweets uninteresting in the future. Churning, or Aggressive unfollowing, is characterized as following and unfollowing large numbers of users in a short space of time.

Buying or selling accounts or seeds:

We don't permit the sale of accounts or seeds on Direct Likes from external sources. The reason for this is that these accounts are usually created by using fake profiles, and this degrades the quality of the site. Be very wary of any external party trying to sell you seeds. They usually try and generate these seeds using automation tools. We are able to detect seeds that are generated using illicit means and we actively suspend the accounts found doing so.

Buying and selling stuff:

It's really important to note that buying and selling followers is expressly prohibited by social networks. Direct Likes is free to use by all, but you can purchase seeds on Direct Likes to get people to check you out a little quicker. We do not allow the following:
You may not buy seeds from other websites.
You may not sell seeds to others.
You may not buy or sell social networks accounts.
You may not buy or sell social networks profiles.

What content is allowed:

Although this list is short, it's pretty general in nature. We're looking for you to add your personal or business profiles that have.

Good content, built with love and care.
Non-spammy content.
Content that adds value to other members.
Content that is interesting.
You may promote your business.
You may promote your personal stuff.

What content is not allowed:

This is probably the place to look first. We think it's easier to define what we don't want, as it makes the process more transparent. Some of these are borderline, so please interpret them in the spirit of our service:

Adult content - We don't permit highly explicit content. In future we may provide an adult filter for certain less-explicit content too.

Violence, Hate speech - Generally not accepted.

Gambling - We've accepted some of these in the past, but we've noticed that they do lead to a spam problem. Most of these will be rejected.

Affiliate pages - Some of these will be rejected. We assess the quality of these and whether they lead to spam. Low quality and spammy affiliate content will be rejected.

Broken links - If your page is broken or not found it will be rejected.

Flagged as unsafe - If a browser flags your content as unsafe it will be rejected.

Spamming, Hacking sites - We don't permit sites that promote this activity.

Low Quality - If we think is page's quality is too low we will reject it.

Loads too slowly - If your page takes a long time to load we will reject it. Pages should load within a few seconds.

Redirection - We permit shortened URL's at the moment, but we don't permit strange or excessive redirection.

Dating - This is borderline. Generally avoid adding dating content. Some of the dating content we have come across is inappropriate.

Adverts only - If your website contains excessive adverts we will reject it.

Neobux, Adf.ly, Feedburner - We don't permit these anymore because they bring spam onto the site.

ToS Infringement - If your content infringes on the terms of service of any of the networks we integrate with we will reject it.

Copyrighted content - We don't allow illegal download sites.

PTC - As these tend to be accompanied by spammers we don't permit PTC sites anymore.

Make Money Sites - Generally we reject make money sites if we think they may lead to spam problem.

Duplicate submissions - You can only add content once, if we find duplicates we will remove the duplicates.

RSS feeds - These tend to create a spam problem. We don't want raw RSS feeds added to the site.

Popups - These are sometimes hard to spot, but we don't like browser disrupting popups.

Plugins - If we find a site that tries to load a plugin we will generally reject it. We unfortunately just have no way to know whether the plugin is malicious or not.

Ponzi Schemes - We don't allow pyramid schemes as they create a spam problem for us on the site.

Social networks specifically:

Social networks are the primary reason Direct Likes exists, and as such we have a specific set of rules around what is not permitted here.

Violating social networks's Terms of Service(ToS) - Any profile violating social networks's ToS will be rejected.

Fake or serial accounts - Fake accounts will be rejected, along with the Direct Likes account they're linked too. We will also suspend any other accounts that belong to that user.

Spammy messages - We will reject your account if we find repeated links, mentions or hashtags in your tweets that are considered spammy.


Accounts that break the rules are suspended. Please note the following important points on suspensions.

Suspensions will typically be made without warning or notification. Our goal is to remove violations as quickly as possible.

If you feel an error has been made then you may ask us to review the suspension.

Valid suspensions will not be reversed.

You may appeal a valid suspension after a one month 'cooling off' period.

Conluiding remarks

What was accepted yesterday, may not be accepted tomorrow. We're evolving our policy and trying to respond to the wishes of our members. Your profile may have been accepted in the past, but if our policy adapts it may be rejected in the future. Of course, you should only be concerned about this if your content is currently borderline.